Mobility in Tynset, Norway (12 th -19 th March) - CEPA Don Juan I


Saturday 12th 
After waking up early in the morning, four excited students and their not less excited teachers took the plane to Oslo. Our final destination was Tynset, in the middle of Norway, where we were going to do the 4th meeting of the KA2 project together with our colleagues of the Union Hispano Helena, CPIA3, Tynset Komune and the EOI Alcala, the coordinator institution. The best thing about this meeting was that we went with students this time!!! After arriving and checking in the hotel, we had plenty of time to walk around Oslo and do some sightseeing. 

Sunday 13th 
We continued visiting Oslo until we took the train to Tynset. EOI Alcalá and CPIA3 were also in the train. It was a long trip but we were very excited to meet our new host city and Norwegian colleagues. When we arrived to Tynset late at night, we could finally see the snow but we couldn't see the Northern lights.  

Monday 14th 
After having breakfast in our cabins, we all met at the camping reception where Sergio was waiting for us. We walked to Tynset Kulturhuset where we met our Norwegian friends and their students. We got familiar with the programme we'll follow these days as well as with some practical information about the region, its society and the way of living and understanding the political issues. As usual, the coffee break and lunch time were very good to know each other better. In the spare time, CEPA Don Juan I team went for a walk along the "Love promenade", following one of Sergio’s suggestions.  Some of us tried to see the Northern lights again, but we weren’t successful. 

Tuesday 15th 
Today we had to meet at the Adult Education centre, where the Mayor and the city manager welcomed us and told us some more information about the place. Today we started to work with the tablets and edited some videos with our new mates. After lunch we had some fun watching the videos people had filmed! In the evening, we participated in an art workshop in Rambus, a nice collaborative place to develop personal artistic capacities. Everyone could make their beautiful stamped tote bag!! In the evening we had time to walk around the traditional wooden houses, in the Tynset Bygdemuseum. The night gave us a beautiful surprise, because some people could see the expected Northern lights!!! 

Wednesday 16th 
Once again we met in the Adult Education centre. This time we took the bus for a guided tour in the amazing village of Røros, a remote World Heritage City in the middle of Norway, at least for us. It was beautiful to walk around in spite of the cold....But at last, we could feel the Norwegian winter!!!! ;) In the evening, all of us were working a bit with the subtitles, comments and the blog in a nice coffee shop opposite the camping site.  

Thursday 17th 
We continued working on the video editing. We posted the videos in the collaborative padlet and enjoyed watching them. At lunch we had a nice surprise from the Tynset colleagues. They gave us a beautiful T-shirt which is an amazing souvenir from this town. In the evening, we evaluate the mobility...I have no doubt that everybody valuated this experience with the highest marks!!  We watched the final videos. Later in the evening, we had a very tasty reindeer all together at Tynset hotel. We burnt the calories dancing later in the bar!! 

Friday 18th 
This morning everybody was really excited about the winter sports day. We all were very curious about what the Norwegian had organised for us. And wow....It didn't disappoint us! We went down the hills on plastic mats, did cross-country ski, 'shopping bag weightlifting' and 'boot throw'. We finished the games with a Norwegian barbecue with sausage wraps, red fruits tea and chocolates. Once again, the sun was shining in the sky so it was fantastic to be outside. After that, the uncomfortable moments of the farewells arrived, but with a strong feeling that we will meet again soon. (At least, we know for sure that some of us will meet in Alcalá. Hopefully, there will be other chances to meet in the near future). Back in the camping, we tided our cabins up, prepared the luggage and had carbonara pasta all the groups together in the common room. Congratulations to Patrizia and Paola, the cooks!! The last supper together was fantastic. Unfortunately, tomorrow we'll have to leave, but we all are going back to our cities with a strong sense of happiness, friendship and sharing. Thank you all for the great moments, the work behind and the opportunity to enjoy this experience. Hope to see you soon! 


  1. We feel as we would still go on with this experience, don't we? Is that...Norway blues? ;)


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