KA2 Tynset Mobility – My vision, your vision by Fernando Serrano (EOI Alcalá)


Norwegian winter received our students and teachers group from Alcalá Schools with a surprising spring weather that, while we traveled to the village of Tynset, it allowed our eyes to marvel at the amazing snowy landscapes of the countryside. Once we were there, we had a warm welcome by Norwegian partners of Erasmus project “My vision, your vision”, an intercultural program organized by Tynset Municipality. 

Acting as a master of ceremonies, Sergio, our charming Mexican partner, introduced the main authorities: the Mayoress, the former Mayor, the Municipality head of Business and the Adults Centre Principal. All of them made us feel at home since the first moment. 

The aim of this program was bring into contact different people coming from different countries and sharing their experiences to strengthening cultural bonds. To achieve these goals, a motley group composed of refugees from Asia and Africa, in addition to students from South America and Europe, we started to get know each other putting on the table our best communication skills. 

The first shared activity was a multicultural Kaffee (lunch) at Cultural Centre lunchroom where we all were mixed in order to talk each other without hurries while we had a lunch. From my humble point of view, this was the most moving experience that we did because we got the opportunity to know first hand, in their limited English, the misfortunes of African and Asian refugees who became, fortunately, Norwegian citizens. We listened to them, in absolute silence, how they tried to earn a living in their countries as well as the dangerous situations that they must face on their way to Europe. I do believe that we are privileged people being first world inhabitants, and we have much to learn about human suffering. 

In the following days, we kept making new friends, because we were divided in pairs to learn how to create and to edit short videos using iPads. I was delighted with the invaluable company of my Eritrean friend Musa, who demonstrated his abilities in handling electronic devices, always with a smile in his face. 

Once more, we could appreciate hardworking spirit and politeness of this people who barely had something to eat, a few years ago. Proud tears welled up in the eyes of their mentors in Adult Centre after having performed a beautiful welcome song. 
This emotive fact represent the best evidence that helping people in need and enhancing cultural bonds must be the right way for Mankind to improve our society. 

Time flies when you’re enjoying and, after an incredible week, the moment came to say farewell. I have no doubt that new friends who we met there will remain in a place of our hearts. All I can say is: I will never forget this wonderful experience. 

Tussen takk, Tynset.


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